Digital marketing has revolutionized the marketing world over the past decade or two as more and more people have begun to use the Internet on a daily basis and more and more shopping has begun to take place online. Over the past several years, social media marketing has become increasingly popular to the point that it is now considered virtually essential for businesses to include some form of social media marketing within their digital marketing campaigns.

Facebook is one of the most popular platforms for advertising among both small and larger businesses. Almost 100 million small businesses include Facebook in their marketing strategies in one way or another. Running Facebook Messenger ads is one of the best ways for businesses to advertise through Facebook. Facebook Messenger has more than 1.3 billion active users, which makes it the second most popular global mobile messenger apps as of October 2021—WhatsApp is the only more popular platform for messaging worldwide.

Using Facebook Messenger ads allows your business to significantly expand its reach while actively encouraging communication and engagement with potential customers. Keep reading to learn more about Facebook Messenger ads, what they are, and why your business should consider including this type of advertising among your digital marketing strategies.

What Are Messenger Ads?

Facebook Messenger ads are advertisements that appear to Facebook users in the Facebook Messenger app. These advertisements can be found in the Chats tab of Facebook users’ Messenger app. Messenger ads appear in between Facebook users’ other active Messenger conversations, which encourages users to click on these advertisements when they see them.

Once a Facebook user clicks on a Facebook Messenger ad, they will automatically be provided with a more detailed view of the advertisement and will be given the option to send a message to the advertised business through the Facebook Messenger app. Messenger ads make it easy for potential customers to interact with your business without putting in much extra effort to do so.

Why Use Messenger Ads?

Facebook Messenger ads can be very effective at helping you increase your customers, earn more profits, and overall get the word out in your area about your business. Many businesses of various sizes find using Facebook Messenger ads to be one of the best and most profitable strategies in their digital marketing campaigns.

Keep reading to learn 3 reasons why it is most-likely worth it for you to incorporate Facebook Messenger ads into your business’s digital marketing campaign if you haven’t already.

  • They Encourage Conversation

Unlike many other types of advertisements that simply drive traffic to a landing page on your business’s website, Facebook Messenger ads actually encourage potential customers to start a conversation with your business.

The calls-to-action attached to Messenger ads can automatically take users to a conversation with your business on Messenger, which encourages these users to start a conversation and actively engage with your business.

  • They’re Cost-Effective

Running ads through Facebook Messenger is one of the most cost-effective social media marketing strategies that your business can use. Facebook Messenger ads are extremely cost-effective because they are designed to be exactly that.

Facebook takes the guesswork out of running advertisements through Facebook Messenger. The social media platform automatically delivers your business’s Messenger ads to users who are most-likely to engage with the advertisement and interact with your business. Facebook targets users with the goal of helping your business achieve your desired Facebook Messenger marketing campaign results at the lowest possible cost.

  • They’re Preferred Among Consumers

Messaging is rapidly becoming one of the primary methods of communication with businesses that is preferred among consumers. Many businesses have recently incorporated live chat features on their websites, and many consumers prefer these live chat options to calling a business or visiting a business in person. In fact, more than half of consumers in a recent poll expressed that they would prefer to message a business rather than call them.

Statistics show that consumers are more than willing to use Facebook Messenger to have conversations with businesses. In fact, approximately 20 billion conversations between businesses and customers take place over Facebook Messenger every month. By using Facebook Messenger ads as a marketing strategy for your business, you are meeting consumers where they are and helping them engage with your business in their preferred way.